Where to buy honey wholesale in Ukraine


    Today Ukraine is one of the world leaders in the production and export of honey and bee products. Due to its medicinal properties, high quality and affordable price, Ukrainian honey is valued in many countries around the world, especially in Europe and America. Features of Ukrainian honey are due to its biological nature and complex chemical composition. In addition, it has bactericidal, medicinal and dietary properties.

    The best honey from Ukraine for you

    Ukrainian Honey House LLC is a Ukrainian company engaged in the purchase, processing and export of honey of Ukrainian origin. The company is 100% export oriented. We narrowly specialize in the production of four varieties of honey: sunflower, buckwheat, rapeseed, polyfloral.

    Our honey is collected in farm apiaries in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. It is natural, without any impurities, additives or GMOs. The health status of bees is confirmed by a veterinary report, and they feed exclusively on natural raw materials.

    To get the perfect product, honey must not only be properly collected, but also professionally processed. Honey production is not an easy process that requires professional knowledge in beekeeping, the use of modern environmental technologies, and strict compliance with standards and regulations.

    All production facilities operate in accordance with ISO 22000: 2005 standards. our final product is homogenized honey. before production, all honey is thoroughly tested in the best Ukrainian laboratories. In addition, each batch is tested before shipment by one of the reputable European laboratories - Intertek Food Services GmbH or Quality Services International GmbH or Food QS GmbH.

    The cost of honey and the time of pumping depend on the selected variety. For example, may honey, as the name implies, should be expected at the end of May. And sunflower-the last, in August.

    How to buy bee honey wholesale in Ukraine

    First of all, decide on its variety and specific volumes. No need to go to the office, sign a mountain of papers. We have tried to simplify the process of placing and receiving an order as much as possible for the client. You can buy honey in bulk by phone (the numbers are listed in the "Contacts" section), as well as by submitting a request for feedback, leaving your phone number. In any of these options, our manager will promptly contact you to confirm the order and clarify all its details.

    Buy the best honey in Ukraine at an affordable price, contact the Ukrainian Honey House!

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