Quality honey that passes quality control at all stages of production.

    Sale of honey

    We offer constant and reliable wholesale supplies of 100% natural homogenized honey in industrial quantities.

    Our honey is the result of hard work of Ukrainian bees. It is collected exclusively in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine, unfermented, does not contain prohibited substances and fully complies with European food laws.

    Our company pays special attention to the quality of honey. The process of preparing honey for export is carried out very carefully. We only work with trusted beekeepers and agents.

    All products go through several stages of verification. It is certified by state and independent international agencies such as Intertek Group plc and QSI-Quality Services International GmbH.

    We deliver honey to new 200-liter metal barrels with a capacity of 290-295 kg. These barrels are coated with a varnish that is suitable for food and is approved by EU law and complies with all EU regulations and directives in this regard.

    We provide comfortable conditions for cooperation with our partners:

    • High volumes on a regular basis.

    • Individual delivery schedule for each customer.

    • Long-term partnership.

    • At the request of the client - we carry out branding and packing under the customer's TM (Private Label).

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