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    Sunflower honey is a honey brand of Ukraine. It tastes of medium sweetness and may have a slight sourness with a somewhat tart taste. Sunflower honey crystallizes quickly. It is not very expensive, but this does not make it less useful than other types of flower honey. In contrast, sunflower honey is nutritious and rich in beneficial elements such as amino acids and minerals, showing antibacterial and antioxidant properties.


    Buckwheat honey is extremely popular for its pronounced taste and color. It is one of the most valuable varieties of honey with a large amount of nutrients. The spicy aroma gives this honey a uniqueness. A slightly bitter taste is a part of the sweet dessert. It contains a lot of protein, iron, and minerals. Honey crystallizes quickly, but has an interesting feature, not pumped out, in honeycombs, it will last much longer without crystallization.
    It is widely used in cooking because of its rich taste.


    Rapeseed honey belongs to the “white honey”, because after pumping it has a creamy-white color, and after crystallization it is even lighter. For bees, the flowering oilseed plant is an excellent source of pollen and nectar. From one hectare, beekeepers manage to get about 50 kg of rapeseed honey. This rather rare variety has not only an excellent taste, but also healing properties. It can be used as a nutritious dessert, cosmetic product, or as a medicine for many diseases.


    Polyflora honey is honey collected by bees from different honeybees. Sometimes beekeepers take their bees to forests or flower plains, where they have a large selection among a variety of honeybees. Thus, honey turns out to be more useful due to the variety of sources of honey collection. The taste of polyflora honey is somewhat different in each season, because the forest and flower fields change every year.

    Products are packed in the following ways:

    • Barrel
      (200 L).

    • Plastic bucket
      (450-1000 g).

    The company “Ukrainian honey house” produces polyflora and monoflora varieties of honey for wholesale customers, pouring the finished product into 200-liter barrels. These barrels are coated with a varnish that is suitable for food and is approved by EU law and complies with all EU regulations and directives.

    The products meet international standards and are exported to the European Union, South Africa, Asia, the USA and Canada, which indicates the excellent quality of Ukrainian honey.

    The key benefits of our honey

    • 100% natural and safe
    • Standard and non-standard commercial batches
    • International standards of packaging and labeling
    • Quality and safety according to national and international standards
    • Monofloral and polyfloral honey
    • Thorough laboratory control of the product

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